“Phil Barley is one of the most talented vocalists the UK has produced in many years.

From the opening bars of his audition song, ‘Ain’t that a Kick in the Head’, I knew I had discovered someone very special.

His instinctive understanding and interpretation great music (and jazz classsics in particular) belie his years.

Both on and off stage Phil is a gentleman.  Whatever is asked of him, he rises to the challenge with supreme confidence and charm.

If charisma, talent and charm could be bottled, the label would read, ‘Phil Barley.”

 Jon Barker, Basa Productions & Dots & Pix ltd.

“Phil’s excellent portrayal of Dean Martin is only surpassed, by his first class professionalism and hard work. He is extremely conscientious, organised and a pleasure to work with.Nothing is too much trouble and he is not fazed by learning new material quickly. If only everyone I worked with showed his excellent characteristics then my life would be infinitely easier. I am happy to offer a resounding endorsement of Phil Barley to any potential employers.” August 9, 2011

1st Barry Robinson, Director, BR Music Productions
Musical Director – The Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas, West End


  • “As for [Phil] Barley …of the three eerily accurate impersonations, his relaxed crooning and corny joke cracking – ‘Right now I’m on a whisky diet. Last week I lost four days’ – was top of the heap the night I eventually succumbed.” – West End Review


  • Phil Barley for example has Dean Martin’s singing voice down cold – that warm burbling baritone with the distinctive little hiccup Martin would use as a kind of verbal wink at the audience.” – USA review


  • Getting perfectly drunker and drunker, Phil Barley was absolutely fantastic in his role as Dean Martin not only in voice but in mannerisms as well. His soothing and slurred renditions of hits like That’s Amore were hauntingly accurate and provided many a show-stopping moment whilst his relationship with the swinging Burelli Sisters was charmingly cheeky to watch.” – Theatre review

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